Closely aligned with another kidney-related project we coordinate, the (Re)Building a Kidney Consortium, GUDMAP (GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project) is an NIDDK-funded project formed to improve our knowledge of the developing kidney and GU tract via:

  • High throughput in-situ hybridization analyses to define the expression pattern of genes expressed in the developing kidney and GU tract
  • High resolution gene expression analyses to define gene expression during developmental time, the overlap in gene expression patterns, and the correlation between boundaries of gene expression and boundaries of anatomic or functional domains.
  • Development of a database to house and annotate the above data and to provide rapid access of this data to the entire research community.

Part of ISRD's goals for supporting GUDMAP's efforts include extending our Chaise/ERMrest application to improve researcher's ability to make the most of GUDMAP's extensive repository of genetic data and tissue samples.