FaceBase Project

FaceBase https://www.facebase.org is a repository of craniofacial data established in 2009 that renewed in 2014 for a second phase, known as FaceBase 2. At this point, ISRD started managing its coordinating center (known as the Hub), providing a new data model, data browser (based on Chaise/Ermrest) and coordinating data publishing and sharing between 10 project spokes to accelerate craniofacial research.

ISRD has updated the FaceBase data model (based on Chaise/ERMrest) to organize craniofacial data - consisting of a broad range of data types from high-resolution microCT images to RNA-seq data - and display attributes of that data in the sidebar, allowing users to filter available data into the repository by the facets most useful to their research.

Screenshot of annotated kidney image from the Annotation Viewer